Extension Methods
Extension Methods

There are currently four different methods to extend your hair
styles. Please read below our description of the extension methods
and consult with your hair styles to determine which method with
meet your individual style and budget needs.


Applying extensions using a weaving method is accomplished by
creating small cornrows or "tracks" on the individuals scalp and
then sewing the human hair onto the cornrows.  This method has
been around for many years and is the most frequently used
method utilized for applying extensions.


Applying extensions using the braiding method is accomplished by
adding human hair while you are braiding the client's own hair.  
There are various ways applying extensions using the braiding
method can be achieved.

• Strand By Strand

Applying extensions using the strand-by-strand method is
accomplished by adding human hair to the client's own hair using a
protein-based adhesive.  With the aid of a bonding tool, the
adhesive is warmed and the human hair is gently attached to
approximately 1/4" sections of the client's hair.


Applying extensions using the bonding method is the least time
consuming, as well as the simplest.  An adhesive is applied to the
weft of the extension hair and placed directly onto the scalp, at the
root of the client's own hair.